Fennec can help as a .......

Fennec can help with .......

Flexible Infrastructure

Effectively Integrating cloud (SAAS, PAAS, IAAS) solutions into your IT environment  

Continuous Improvement

Change in culture, proces and methodology to improve  overall efficiency and quality

Cost Reduction

Year on year structural cost improvements. More efficient technology and proces


Reducing the complexity of IT and creating the right, manageable,  IT eco-system for your business


Define and implement a sourcing strategy and manage the suppliers


IT technology is one thing, but it also needs to be secure and compliant

Making Change Happen

Creating momentum for the required change

IT Operations

Creating and maintaining a stable IT environment, running 7*24

To create a sustainable foundation for.... 

Continuously re-inventing the Business

Digital Transformation and continuous business transformation is the norm.  The speed of change is ever increasing.  We help your transformation by helping you to develop and maintain a solid IT foundation. This requires the right mix of people, process and technology.  Motivated and experienced staff, solid and relevant development and operational proceses combined with adaptable, secure and cost effective infrastructure.